First PTO Meeting

Please join us for the very first PTO meeting of this school year.  We will be meeting Monday, August 24th, at 4 pm in the school Library.  There is much to discuss at the start of the year!  There will be an update on our financial status and what we have available in funds.  We will be checking in with our various committee heads to see what assistance is needed from the board for their various tasks.   We will be discussing the new volunteer managing system we have put in place, and how to utilize it best to increase volunteer involvement and streamlining coordination.  We will also be talking about ways to increase our social media exposure to benefit the families of Cotton Creek and the PTO to allow for better communication and participation.  In addition, there are some beginning of the year spending that we will be seeking approval for.  To be able to vote on any decisions, or make a motion on an issue, you must have a PTO Membership Form completed and the $6 dues turned in.  This can be done by clicking the “Join the PTO” link at the top of the page.

Children are always welcome at our meetings.  We hope to see you there.

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